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The forge

While we may wish Wasatch Forge was nestled in some tiny hamlet in the upper elevations of the Wasatch range, in fact we're located in the more convenient industrial district of Salt Lake City, right next to the best steel distributor around. All the same, when we open the bay door of the shop, we have an awesome view of the mountains. Sometimes in the evening there's a even double rainbow.

We're a new business, formed by a couple of blacksmiths with a passion for the art and a desire to share it, not only with our customers but also with people who want to learn to smith iron and steel.

The blacksmiths

Michael Miller-Imperiale

Mike is a full-time dad and a part-time blacksmith who found smithing when he wanted to fall in love with work that didn't take him away from home as often as his previous career as a wilderness guide. It worked.

Smithing fits in nicely with Mike's favorite hobby, drinking beer. He's forged hundreds of bottle openers, ranging from stoicly utilitarian to intricately beautiful. Mike has mastered the art of opening a bottle of beer.

Mike teaches half-day and full-day artistic blacksmithing, accepts commissions, designs some of our most beautiful products, and takes the gorgeous product photos on our site.

Matt Danielson

When you close your eyes and picture a blacksmith, you're probably already seeing Matt Danielson. Matt's a bear of a blacksmith who makes our biggest anvil look small.

Matt's a sharer. He takes the forge on the road for demonstrations at festivals, conferences, even corporate events. He opens the shop every Tuesday night for basic forging classes. He usually has a handful of apprentices.

Matt is also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where he can often be seen towering over people on the field, wearing 80 pounds of armor and swinging a two-handed great sword. Matt is the master of the local SCA blacksmiths guild and quite a few reenactors get their first experience with medieval blacksmithing from Matt.

Blacksmithing classes

Wasatch Forge offers an evening class on basic forging, half-day and full-day artistic blacksmithing classes, and a four week blacksmith's apprentice preparation course. If you're interested in hearing more, hit us up on Facebook .

Ordering information

Internet is hard, but we're working towards having a full ecommerce site soon. In the mean time, give us a call at 801-613-0593, send us an email to stuff@wasatchforge.com, or hit us up on Facebook . Tell us what you want and we'll make it happen the old fashioned way, where people talk to people. Don't worry, we'll be even less personal about it all soon.

Shipping is included

All the products advertised on our web site include the cost of shipping in the price, so that's kinda like saying “Shipping Is Free”. We're easy that way.

Lifetime guarantee

All of our standard products (i.e. everything but commissioned custom work, and sometimes even that) come with a lifetime guarantee. We can't guarantee you won't be able to break it, because you might be 7 feet tall, weigh 400 pounds, and be amazingly strong. We will guarantee that if you do break it, we'll make you another one. All we want is that you send us the original piece back so we can see why it broke, and maybe make the replacement a little bit better.

Did you break something we made? Call us at 801-613-0593 or hit us up on Facebook and we'll get you something new.

Forged in the U.S.A.

All the stuff we make is made in the USA, because that's where our forge is. It's not that we wouldn't like forging in Tahiti in the winter. Maybe someday we'll set up a satellite shop in Iceland, because if there ever was a place that looked like a blacksmith's homeland, surely it must be Iceland. But we only have one forge, and that forge is in the United States of America, and we like it here.

Wholesale customers welcome

We like making 20, 50, or even 100 bottle openers as much as we like making one of them. The same is true for pendants, buckles, tools, and corkscrews. And we love making lots of S-hooks.

Would you like to sell some hand-forged products? Call us at 801-613-0593. We like you already.

We take commissions

Need a new garden gate? Door knocker? Got an idea you love but can't build yourself? Let us build it with you! Call us at 801-613-0593 or talk to us on Facebook !

Architects, designers, and agencies

We make hand-forged items for wholesale and we make commissioned work, but what we really like to make is commissioned wholesale items. Do you specialize in the kind of work that would benefit from having a blacksmith in your back pocket? We're pocket-sized.

Not really, we're much too big for your pocket. But we want to work with you. Call us at 801-613-0593.